• Facilities

    Seminole Productions has some of the finest collegiate broadcast facilities in the nation!

  • Control Rooms 1 & 2

    Control Rooms 1 and 2 are built to Linear Broadcast Specifications allowing Seminole Productions to provide live event broadcasts to linear broadcast channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and the ACC Network.

  • Control Rooms 3 & 4

    Control Rooms 3 & 4 were built to ACC Network Extra broadcast specifications and can also serve to run the in-game entertainment for FSU's athletic venues. Over the past 8 years Seminole Productions has provided over 500 live events broadcasted on ESPNU, SEC Network, ACC Network Extra, and ESPN3.

  • Private Edit Suites

    Seminole Productions students benefit from having the ability to work in private edit suites accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here SP students produce award winning work for television programming such as NOLES All-Access.


A Home Away From Home!

Seminole Productions, with funding by FSU Athletics, recently underwent a six million dollar facility upgrade in their 6000+ square foot area inside the Moore Athletic Center. The SP broadcast facility includes 4 Control Rooms, TV Studio, Private Office Suites, Individual Edit Suites, Engineering Areas, Audio Suites, Green Room, and Student Area's among others.

Control Rooms 1 & 2: equipped to facilitate the production of linear broadcast events right from the Moore Athletic Center. Linear network channels can reach out to Seminole Productions who can then provide a fully produced live event broadcast of a home athletic contest directly to air. A linear channel refers to video content that is delivered in a scheduled mode, such as through broadcast or cable network channels. Examples of linear networks would be channels like ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX Sports 1, and others.

Control Room 3: equipped to handle broadcasts of ESPN3, ACC Network Extra, and other streaming content as well as arena video board shows. This control room is also connected to control room 1 to enhance its capabilities if needed.

Control Room 4: configured to provide venue support for video boards at athletic venues all across campus.

TV Studio: configured with both a green screen set area and interview locations, the Seminole Productions studio provides a central location where TV programming, coach and athlete interviews, specialized instruction and equipment training can be produced and performed.

Edit Suites: the SP main production area houses a multitude of private edit suites for students to perform their assigned tasks. These edit suites feature Mac systems with both Adobe and Avid editing software and some have 24/7 access for authorized students. These systems are also part of a massive professional video server so access to editing content is literally at your fingertips. 

Staff Office Suite: SP staff offices are located in the Moore Athletic Center on the second floor to the left (north side) of the atrium. 

Teaching Lab: Adjacent to the Seminole Productions broadcast area is the Digital Media Production teaching lab. Students take most of their "hands on" coursework taught by both SP and DMP staff in this location.

Production Support Suite: Located on the 3rd floor of the Athletic Center, the production support suite is where both SP and DMP students will check out the equipment needed for their coursework.


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