• CCI Digital Media Services

    CCI students learn from award winning industry professionals who are still working in the broadcast field for national, regional, local, and university clients. 

CCI Digital Media Services

CCI Digital Media Services (CCI-DMS) uses state-of-the-art technology to provide video production services to the Florida State University community and to state agencies when applicable. The services we provide are at an extremely high production level but offered at a discounted rate determined by FSU.

CCI-DMS production services, beyond providing support to our clients, will allow FSU students to earn experience participating in professional production opportunities while supporting the university.

CCI-DMS main objective is to provide FSU students with these professional opportunities while helping the university achieve its goals. We can help with fundraising, student, staff, and faculty recruitment, public-facing content, staff training, and promotions/public relations among other areas.

CCI-DMS has strong affiliations in the university community and state agencies and continually expand upon them. CCI-DMS has provided support to many units across the university community. A small sample consists of the FSU Foundation, FSU Alumni Center, Center for Early Childhood Development, Dedman College, Criminology, FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, FSU Student Affairs, FSU Career Center, FSU International Programs just to name a few. The auxiliary is a non-profit and any revenue from the work it puts forth is to maximize the opportunities and benefits to FSU students.

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